Have you heard about Augmented Reality?

Jul 13 / admin / Research & Analysis

Augmented Reality is without a doubt one of the most exciting technologies out there now. Unlike Virtual Reality, it’s more gaming-orientated cousin, Augmented Reality is finding a more practical place in the business world offering creative solutions to physical-world barriers.

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Jul 13 / admin / COE

Gone are the good old days when technology was monopoly of a handful of players and the competing options were far and few with and that too without any discernible difference. Platform/COE/Practice/governance framework establishment was hardly a complex task then as there were a plethora of templates available everywhere. Not the case anymore…

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Jul 13 / admin / Architecture

Any good architecture shows its true worth during the times of seismic movements whether those movements are of geophysical nature or are related to the style and trend, a good architecture withstands the tests of time. IT Architecture is no different.

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